Kayla F.

I am one of Dr. Kim's patients. I highly recommend you go see Dr. Kim before any other Ortho. Dr.Kim is great including all her staff that work behind the desk. She also has a board called New Faces in Braces that is when you get braces you... get your picture on a board.She is nice and always has a movie playing in the waiting room. In the back room there is also a show that fits your child's age.If you get on the honor role in school you get to pick a nice prize. I love Dr.Kim and I hope I see you there.

Heidi K.

Dr. Kim is so kind and my daughter thinks the world of her. I have never seen her so excited for any type of dental work, but having Dr. Kim as her Orthodontist makes her very happy. Highly recommend Dr. Kim!!

Chloe P.

U guys r good orthodontics. U guys r very nice people. You guys are a great dentist team! Your hard work is appreciated and we like you for that, You guys also have soft couches, a big T.V., and a fancy computer. I thank you for this reward club and I owe you because my smile is turning into a big one.

Alexi H.

I was expecting that getting my braces on would be a very painful experience. My dad always told me that it hurt a lot and to take lots of advil, so I was worried. My first impression of the office at Kimodontics was that it made me feel very at home. The office is small and quaint, which is so much better than most offices that are constantly buzzing with patients. Now to the actual dentistry: I was really afraid about getting my impressions done because people told me that the goo goes down your throat and makes you gag. SO NOT TRUE!! Dr. Kim and her office staff were especially accomadating and even molded the tray to fit my mouth and put wax around the edges so it wouldn't poke me. That was the best experience that I've had at a dentists before then. When I actually got the braces on, it was very quick (maybe an hour) and the whole time they talked me through everything they were doing. I even started to fall asleep in the chair because that's how at ease I was. Afterward they took their time to go through everything with me and answered all my questions! There was absolutely no pain until some soreness later that night! Overall Kimodontics is the best choice for anyones orthodontic treatment!

Debbie H.

Thanks to Dr. Kim and everyone at Kimodontics. My daughter Alexi got her braces off today. Her teeth look fantastic. Such a beautiful smile. We could not be happier!

Derek F.

Before I got braces my friends said that it would hurt. My gums would go numb and my teeth will be sore FOREVER. The first time I stepped into Kimodontics I had no idea what to expect. I quickly felt welcomed and they told me everything I need to know. Kimodontics is a nice place with a comfortable waiting room (not to mention the TV that plays plenty of family movies). Kim and her staff gets the done quickly and gently. You don't even feel a thing. I would recommend Kimodontics to anyone getting braces.

Jullia H.

Kimodontics Orthodontics is a truly special place. It makes getting braces fun! The whole team is friendly and warm which makes patients feel safe and at ease. The whole atmosphere of the office is very bright and welcoming! It's always fun to come in and see everyone! Dr. Kim really takes good care of her patients and gives them helpful dental tips! I can't wait until my appointment tomorrow! Thank you Dr.Kim, Karin, and Esther!

Kimodontics saved our vacation! My 10-year old daughter's spacer had gotten wedged in her gum. She was in a lot of pain. I found Kimodontics via Google. The staff was immediately sympathetic. They told us to come right over, no appointment needed. We got there and my daughter was seen in under 10 minutes. Dr. Kim fixed the problem immediately giving my daughter instant relief. The staff was warm, friendly and truly concerned about my daughter. If we lived in Las Vegas Dr. Kim would be our choice for an orthodontist. Thank you Dr. Kim, Terry and all the staff at KO!


Very nice and friendly staff that on more than one occasion has gone out of their way to make sure my treatment was kept on schedule. Fun, decorative and entertaining office, always a movie or cartoons playing to keep you busy. Everything is always done right the first time. Highly recommended.

Kymani T.

Dr. Kim and the friendly staff over at Kimodontics are simply outstanding! As soon as you enter the office you're greeted with a smile. They call all the patients by their names, which makes you feel appreciated and not like a "customer". They have fun activities for the kids like contests, rewards for good grades, drawings for prizes, as well as stickers, toy vending machines and all the cartoons your heart desires. It truly takes the dental experience to a new level. It has been such a rewarding experience to watch Dr. Kim transform Kymani, my son, from a shy soft spoken child to the energetic outgoing character he is today by giving him a bright beautiful smile.Thanks so much Dr. Kim and thank you to all the girls at the office for making us another very happy and satisfied member of the Kimodontics family. Keep up the good work!

Jasmine Q.

Love Kim she is the best!!! The staff is so nice and polite. They are never rude or mean or anything like that.

Mason N.

I had braces from Kimodontics. I got them on my eighth birthday. Now I have a customized retainer. In about 1 year I will have gone through the whole phase. I love Kimodontics! They treat me well and are very nice. Terry always gives me coins and helps my mom with the scheduling and Dr. Kim makes my teeth nice.

Stephanie M.

One of the most frequently asked questions by parents who travel full-time with teens on the road arises when it’s time to determine how to handle braces when the rite of passage arises.

For us, two discoveries led to the most wonderful solution and inside of 2 short months, our daughter Marina not only met and fell in love with her new orthodontist, she’s also proudly sporting a new set of braces that will not interfere with our full-time RVing travels in the least.